Our favourite beaches in Dominican Republic

With over 300 beaches in this small island of the Caribbean we wanted to introduce you to our top 5 beaches in the Dominican Republic. (in no specific order)

Bahía de las Aguilas

Recognized as the most beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic, this diamond-white stretch runs a whopping five miles, boasting crystal clear turquoise waters and no hotels, shops, or restaurants. Protected as part of the Jaragua National Park, a spectacular rocky karst landscape hugs this beach all along the coastline. You can reach Bahía de Las Águilas by an all-terrain vehicle, or by boat from the shores of Cabo Rojo. Bring plenty of sun protection for this unshaded piece of paradise.

Playa Rincón

Ranked by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Rincón’s whopping five kilometers (3 miles) of pristine, undeveloped white sand beach lining a bay of calm turquoise waters, peppered with coconut trees, captures every visitor’s eye. A mere 15-minute drive from Las Galeras, or a quick boat ride away, this is one of the most visited stretches on the Samaná Peninsula, boasting postcard-perfect tropical scenery. One side of the beach has docile and calm waters for snorkeling and sunbathing, while the northern side has rolling waves for bodysurfing fun. Enjoy freshly caught fish on the beach from a couple of seafront casual restaurants, or from fire-hearth cook shops, all enjoyed on picnic tables.

Playa Grande

Approximately 120 kilometres (75 miles) northeast of Puerto Plata city, between Río San Juan and Cabrera, this wide, two-kilometre-long (one mile) golden beach is known for its swells–good for surfers–and undertows in the winter, requiring extra care by not swimming too far off shore. On site, rows of local seafood shacks serve excellent lunch plates while the music echoes. Playa Grande’s perfect palm trees and golden beach landscape make it a photographer’s favourite.

Punta Cana Beach

While the name “Punta Cana” is used to refer to the entire 50-kilometer (30-mile) beachfront destination, the eponymous beach–sandwiched between Playa Los Corales to the north and Playa Blanca to the south–is where the area’s tourism got its jumpstart with the opening of Club Med Punta Cana 1978. The resort remains open to this day, facing the same brilliant white sands and turquoise waters all along this stretch, and is now home to a handful of additional resorts.

Playa Bonita

As pretty as its name suggests–a crescent-shaped, cozy white sand beach lined with a variety of boutique hotels, villas, and restaurants. The western edge of the beach is as still as a swimming pool, attracting families, while the eastern side–facing hotels and a kitesurfing school–offers active waves for the adventurous. Pair a day at the beach with lunch at the excellent Hotel Atlantis’s beachfront restaurant, for French and Caribbean cuisine by the sea.

Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments!

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