The mindset behind Bonvido

When Victor and I decided to start Bonvido, it was not as straightforward as we initially thought it would be. For years we've been talking about starting something in Luxury Tourism within the Dominican Republic and we fiddled around with names, concepts, and ideas, without reaching concrete solutions. In our opinion we've always felt that although we come from a fantastic destination, not many local companies were putting effort into high end clientele and embody the beauty of the country in an authentic way.

Friends for over 30 years, and consistently traveling around the country exploring its stunning nature has always been our "thing". A well traveled deuce of bonvivants, passionate about flavourful food, cigars, rum and our country; it came almost as a given that we would venture into Bonvido together as long as we were able to add our own "spice" and focus on different things.

Bonvido comes from a mutual desire of showcasing Dominican culture, its flora & fauna, its hidden gems, and its Caribbean food with a twist. Dominicans, are happy, curious and open people and we are very proud of our roots. We are not in a hurry, and although we are naturally service oriented people, things move at a slower rate in our country as is customary in the Caribbean. The best way we could express this is through our slogan "Embrace Slow Paced Luxury"... and that is our goal, to offer travelers coming to Quisqueya (the taino name for Dominican Republic) the opportunity to experience this luxury and leave enriched craving to return.

Come experience Dominican Republic through the eyes of Bonvido.

Victor & Sergio

Bonvido Founders

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